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Although the name of our agency may sound new to you, Let’s Go Africa is established by Roel van Hout and comes forth out of an existing and successful programme. Noor van Hout’s The Dreams in Africa Foundation (D.I.A.) has been running a volunteer and internship placement program, Let’s Go Ghana, since 2010. Noor actually lives in Ghana and has worked and lived in other African countries such as South Africa and Botswana. Roel has studied, lived, and worked in South Africa where he also published a scientific article. He has visited other African countries like Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Ghana, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda and Zimbabwe as well.

Because of our experiences and passion to contribute to community development work in Africa’s most disadvantaged areas, we decided to professionalise and expand the Let’s Go Ghana programme into Let’s Go Africa Community Development Internship & Volunteer Agency. The programme will therefore no longer fall under D.I.A., but will still be based on the same principles and will still include Noor’s quality supervision in Ghana. The positive experiences of all interns and volunteers that participated in the Let’s Go Ghana programme, as well as the amazingly enthusiastic response from our local partner David Kporfor (Founder of the local foundation) and all the children in Ghana, lead to the idea to expand with new projects and to other African countries. We strive towards offering more projects and countries to choose from for people that want to contribute into various fields of work anywhere in Africa.

We will use our rapidly expanding network of students, volunteers, partner organisations worldwide, and partner schools in The Netherlands to deliver our quality mediation services to people in The Netherlands and in Africa. Both Roel (Master in Sport Recreation and Exercise Science) and Noor (Master in Pedagogy; Education/ Behavioural Therapy), are experienced professionals with an African heart aiming to give people the chance to make a change through community development work. Currently, Let’s Go Africa is in the process of offering new projects within East Africa.

Who are we?

Noor van Hout

Roel van Hout