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Our Community Development Internship and Volunteer Programs stand for crossing borders, making a (significant) difference, and connecting people. These are our core values and goals at the same time.

Crossing borders: The personal development (self-image, confidence, language and social skills, etc.) of the volunteer/intern is stimulated because they challenge themselves by temporarily leaving their comfort zone, crossing borders, exploring new territories, and learning to live independently in a different culture. This requires the intern/volunteer to have social skills, adaptability, and motivation as personal characteristics.

“I never expected that I would dare to do it, but now I love it and I want to do it all the time! After giving the first training to the teachers and the children in school, they asked me when the next training would be. Their enthusiastic reactions give me a great feeling of fulfilment.” Hester – Intern (experience expert)

Making a difference: The programmes of Let’s Go Africa will support the development and empowerment of people in underdeveloped, rural areas by giving practical, academic and financial support to local projects and organisations.

“With my background in Education and Applied Psychology, I saw so many things I wanted to change in the school system. But where could I start? I realized that I had to adjust my expectations, which were far too high compared to the basic standards of the school. Step by step and with a lot of patience I made (small) progressions in improving the development of children and the quality of education.” Floor – Intern

Connecting people: We work together for a better world and future perspective through intercultural/ international networks and collaborations by transferring knowledge across the world. We intend to make people aware of the connection between different cultures, countries and continents, and the influences (positive and negative) we have on each other. People are stimulated to look beyond their own country and learn to be more involved with, and feel responsible for, the people living in the underdeveloped world.

“It was such a special and life changing experience for me! After a very short time I start feeling a big connection with all the children of the home. They are all unique and have something special. I keep on thinking of what they are doing now, while I’m back in Holland.” Susan – Volunteer