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Download the  Let’s Go Uganda Information brochure  for more information.

Uganda, officially ‘the Republic of Uganda’, is surrounded by other countries in East Africa and is therefore not on the coast. Uganda is located on Lake Victoria at the origin of the Nile, and has a typical equator climate without real summer and winter. Uganda is named after the Buganda Kingdom, which includes a large part of the south of the country including the capital Kampala. Despite the fact that Uganda has a very turbulent history, it has been very stable and peaceful in recent years with very friendly people. There are incredibly many tourist attractions such as great nature parks and beautiful lakes. According to the Lonely Planet, Uganda was the most attractive tourist destination in the world in 2012. Winston Churchill also called Uganda the “Pearl Of Africa”. It is very challenging with wild nature full of a large collection of wild animals (including the big 5), a large diversity of birds and monkeys in the woods. It promises an adventure like no other!

If you dare to take it,  Let’s Go Africa will take  you to the place to be! We offer safe projects from partner organizations that carry out development work in underdeveloped communities. In our preparation phase we will inform you about all do’s and don’ts in the country. Furthermore, we offer high-quality supervision, people are always hospitable and open and there are countless possibilities to spend your free time. All in all, you have been homesick for Uganda before you leave the country!

For  Let’s Go Uganda  ‘s  Roel van Hout  (resident in the Netherlands) your contact. Read  here  more about Roel.

Quality of supervision and guidance:  The preparation of your trip is done jointly with Roel in the Netherlands. Supervision and guidance in Uganda is provided by reliable staff members of Let’s Go Africa’s partner organizations. We guarantee that these people are qualified professionals who keep you informed of important information and provide direct support for your project and your study assignments. The project organization in Uganda will be informed in advance of your arrival with personal information, preferences, project plan, arrival date and duration of your stay.

If you have questions or problems during your stay that you can not solve with your local supervisor, Roel is always willing to help and mediate between you and the local people / government. With his personal work and life experience in Africa, Roel will do his utmost to let you experience an overwhelming Uganda experience.