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Preparations and length of stay: The minimum length of stay differs for each project, but Let’s Go Africa recommends going for at least three months if possible. We recommend a stay for at least three months in order to develop a good impression of the country, its culture, and to make a significant contribution to the project. Let’s Go Africa will assist you before, during and after your trip, however, you are personally responsible for all the necessary arrangements before departure (passport, visa, vaccinations, ticket, health and travel insurance, credit card, cash money, etc.). After completing your African working experience you will receive a certificate (proof of participation) from Let’s Go Africa.

➢ Interns/volunteers do not have to worry about language barriers in the African countries of our partner organisations as almost all people speak proper English. Nonetheless, take up an extra English course if needed.
➢ Fundraising (before departure from the Netherlands) for a project donation will be highly appreciated by our partner organisations, the people, and children in the community.
➢ Download de Intern/volunteer leaflet of Better Care Network Netherlands with do’s and don’ts, concerning working with children in developing countries here.
➢ Download de Code of Conduct (a professional working attitude) we expect from all our interns and volunteers here.