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Noor van Hout

Noor van Hout: programme manager Let’s Go Ghana

In Ghana, Noor will be your in-country supervisor and contact person at the same time. She has been living in Ghana since 2012. After her first year of volunteer work in Ghana as a coordinator of Friends Children’s Home in 2009, she decided to continue supporting the local project through The Dreams in Africa Foundation which she founded in 2010. Since that time, she has worked as an Educationalist and Counsellor for different community development projects in Ghana such as, Meet Kate Foundation, Hips Charity Organisation, and an international boarding school called Morgan International Community School. Because of these experiences, Noor is very familiar with the country (areas), the people and their habits, the life styles, and she is directly linked to the local projects in Ghana.

“It felt good to have Noor in Ghana. I think it would have been more difficult for me when Noor had stayed in The Netherlands. Noor invited me to visit her project (workplace at that time) to show me a different side of Ghana. Another interesting experience I really enjoyed. Noor is a great guide!” Fleur – Volunteer

“Travelling to Ghana with a group of youngsters was again a marvellous experience. Guided by Ghanaian people and Noor (the in between), we experienced the real way of living in that beautiful country. They also showed their hearts to us and they became friends forever. Especially thanks to Noor. I will follow your life and wish you the best. You have a special place in my heart!” Annelies – Tour guide in Ghana and teacher in The Netherlands

Do you have a question or message for Noor? Send a mail to noor@letsgoafrica.nl ! Read more about the other half of the team: programme manager Let’s Go (South) Africa Roel van Hout.