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When placing volunteers/interns to work in developing countries worldwide, protection of children’s rights should always be first priority. Sending and mediation organisations of the Western World play an important role in this process.
Let’s Go Africa realizes its responsibility to protect these vulnerable children within all our projects to be able to establish a positive impact on the short and the long term. To ensure a responsible way of working with this vulnerable group, Let’s Go Africa has the following working procedures:

> Screening: we carefully select who we are working with by checking their background, former work experience and sometimes references.

> Personal contact: we have regular contact by email with the interns/volunteers before departure and sometimes in person so we know who we are working with.

– Agreements: besides the information brochure, we let everybody sign an intern/volunteer agreement with arrangements that are principles of our policy. Thereby we hand over an information folder of Better Care Network about working with vulnerable children abroad.

> Code of Conduct: before leaving we let people sign this document that outlines all the ethical guidelines.

> Police Check: all our volunteers/interns are obliged to request this form at their local municipality and send a copy to Let’s Go Africa, so we are aware of any involvement with the police or court of justice. Our local partners might also require this. No police clearance form, no placement!