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Roel van Hout

Roel van Hout: programme manager Let’s Go Southern & Eastern Africa

For Let’s Go South Africa, Let’s Go Botswana, Let’s Go Mozambique, Let’s Go Swaziland, Let’s Go Tanzania, Let’s Go Zanzibar, Let’s Go Uganda and Let’s Go Lesotho Roel van Hout (living in The Netherlands) will be your contact person. He is specialized in Southern & Eastern Africa and will assist you before, during, and after your working experience at all times. Roel did a 6 month internship in South Africa during his Bachelor study in 2006. The country, its people and the whole experience made a life changing impact on Roel. Therefore, he decided to go back, visit his South African friends, and applied to study at the University of the Western Cape. After finishing his study, and multiple visits, he worked as a volunteer for Skillshare International’s programme: Coaching for Hope. Thereby, he went to Botswana 4 times and also personally visited all the partner organisations in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Lesotho, South Africa and Botswana. All together Roel spent years studying, working, travelling and living in Africa and established a network of trusted people. Your local supervisors at the projects will be people that are part of this network and will continuously be in close contact with you and Roel in the Netherlands.

“Roel van Hout displayed a professional attitude and exemplary work ethic. Roel proved to be a diligent and focused individual, a self-starter displaying a lot of initiative. He will undoubtedly add value where ever he goes and we have no reservations in recommending him.”
Norman Brook, Coaching for Hope Program Manager – Southern Africa, Skillshare International

”Roel was an exemplary student who was focused and dedicated to completion in the shortest possible time. His research in South Africa was community based, looking at sport as a tool to enhance quality of life of adolescents in the previous disadvantaged areas. He conducted an extended review of literature for his thesis and assimilated this information into his own work. He has the necessary skills as a researcher to continue to PhD studies should he wish so.” – Dr. Susan Basset, Departmental chairperson Sport Recreation and Exercise Science, University of the Western Cape

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Do you have a question or message for Roel? Send an e-mail to roel@letsgoafrica.nl ! Read more about the other half of the team: programme manager Let’s Go Ghana: Noor van Hout.