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Dit is onze visie!

Let’s Go Africa Community Development Internship & Volunteer Agency is an innovative and trustworthy mediation agency with a unique placement programme for every intern and volunteer that wants to make a significant change in Africa. We link young professionals from around the world to local projects and organisations in Africa in order to foster international exchange, to enhance development, and to make an impact on all parties involved. We are experienced and specialized in long term development that is empowered by the people in the communities. This unique approach ensures that sustainability in the project’s activities is embedded in our service. At the same time we aim to achieve personal development for our interns/volunteers through personal guidance, contact with the people in the communities, and the total experience as a whole.

“To make a change, we do not aim to simply give something to the people in Africa. We work according to the needs of the partners and local people, so that the projects/activities that will be done by interns/volunteers always have a positive impact and a degree of sustainability in the end.” Roel –Manager Let’s Go Africa

Let’s Go Africa aims to improve the well-being of people in the disadvantaged communities in Africa via partner organisations by providing them with selected interns and volunteers who will contribute in development. The focus on close cooperation and continuous communication with our local partner organisations in Africa are crucial to achieving long-term impacts for all parties involved. At the same time Let’s Go Africa will foster exchange and contribute to community engagement between people, especially young people world-wide, in order to enhance Africa’s development. We aim to do this by cooperating with local development projects in Africa and by helping them achieve self-sustainability and independence through the skills of our interns and volunteers.

“Do not go where the path may lead. Go, instead where there is no path and leave a trail!”
Ralph Waldo Emerson – Poet