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In today’s global economy it’s very important to invest in your personal development and career opportunities. Therefore cultural knowledge and sensitivity are a must. We give you the opportunity to:

– go abroad
– live and work in a culture that will challenge you
– stay in a rural community among local people
– live with other interns/volunteers that will support you and question you,
– gain in-depth cultural knowledge
– be guided by supervisors and local staff

This together will be an experience that will set you apart as a person and gives your resume an extra boost! Most importantly, we work with project managers and local staff that live, or have lived, in the countries we work with and consider them as their (second) home. All of these things will push you, mould you, and challenge you.

Type of activities: As an intern/volunteer you can complete research projects, design programs, write reports, create workshops, implement activities, and assist local staff members in the field. This contributes directly to the project development and implementation, making an impact that lasts. We give interns and volunteers the opportunity to make a change by offering quality projects (in field- or office work) in a safe environment, because local organisations/communities do not have the resources to do this.

Meaningful contributions: We believe that you need to spend a significant amount of time at your placement organisation. Additionally, we think that you will need intensive guidance from your supervisor and the project organisation’s staff throughout your entire stay. You want to go and work with an organisation to contribute in community development, but what exactly do you leave behind? What is your significant “added value”? What will the local people remember you for? Let’s Go Africa is there not only to help you grow, but also ensures that your efforts are meaningful and embraced by our partner organisations even when you are gone.

Our promise: If you are interested in going on a life changing adventure with Let’s Go Africa, you can contact us via e-mail at all times or give us a call – our number can be found under CONTACT. We promise we will respond within one or two working days and provide any additional information. In case of emergencies you can always contact your in-country supervisor or otherwise contact Roel at his Dutch cell phone number.