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Download the Let’s Go Lesotho information brochure for more detailed information.

Do you want to experience a relatively undiscovered country with super friendly inhabitants? There is a reason why people are caught surprised by the raw beauty of Lesotho and come back after their first visit. The mountain kingdom has huge stretched out landscapes, is very peaceful, diverse and a truly amazing country to go to. Our partner organisations in Lesotho are located around Maseru, Mafeteng and in the traditional rural villages. Maseru is a beautiful city, surrounded by mountains, amazing sceneries and a bustling nightlife. However, the contrast between rich and poor in Lesotho is still huge when comparing some city areas with the rural villages. Crime is relatively low compared to South Africa, but can still occur. No need to worry though, because we will make sure you will stay and work in a safe area and in our specific preparation meeting we will make you aware of all the do’s and don’ts.

If you are up for the challenge, Let’s Go Lesotho will take you to the place to be! Projects within professional organisations that provide community development work and quality supervision. The great hospitality and openness of the people and the various opportunities to spend your free time will make you want to come back even before you have left the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho!

For Let’s Go Lesotho, Roel van Hout (living in The Netherlands) will be your contact person. Here you can read more about him.

Quality of supervision and guidance: Roel will assist you with preparing your trip in the Netherlands. Supervision in Lesotho will mainly be provided by a trusted staff member within Let’s Go Africa’s partner organisation. We will ensure that these people are qualified professionals that aim to assist you with your project activities and school assignments whenever they can. The project staff in Lesotho will be informed in advance about your personal information, preferences, work plan, date of arrival, and length of stay. Our partner organisations in Lesotho will offer you a place to work and suitable working- and living conditions. You can live with a friendly family in a home stay close to your project, but we also have a guesthouse and other options for accommodation. The supervisor of your project, and perhaps your host family, will introduce you to the Lesotho lifestyle and culture. They will make sure that you feel welcome, safe, and comfortable during the rest of your stay. In return for their hospitality we expect you to be very motivated to work together in a professional way and deal with cultural differences with respect in order to reach the desired results.

If any questions or concerns arise throughout your stay that cannot be resolved with the help of your local supervisor, Roel can assist and act as a mediator between you and the local people/authorities. Roel has personally experienced working, studying, and living in Southern Africa and he will do his utmost best to make sure you have an amazing Lesotho working experience!