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Let's Go Africa Community Development Internship & Volunteer Agency



If you cannot find your vacancy please contact us, we have more options.

“The world is like a book, those who do not travel read only the first page!”

Let’s Go Africa is a Community Development Internship and Volunteer Agency designed to link young professionals, students and volunteers from around the world to local projects and organisations in Africa. We will use our rapidly expanding network of students, volunteers, partner organisations worldwide, and partner schools in The Netherlands to deliver our quality mediation services to people in The Netherlands and in Africa. We, Roel (Master in Sport Recreation and Exercise Science) and Noor van Hout (Master in Pedagogy; Education/ Behavioural Therapy), are experienced professionals with an African heart aiming to give people the chance to make a change through community development work. We offer projects in East Africa, Southern Africa and Ghana.

The programme managers, Roel and Noor, are directly connected to our various projects and partner organisations in Africa. Through personal guidance we aim to achieve personal development for our interns and volunteers.

We provide quality internships and volunteer work customized to each individual interest, which promote community engagement and offer opportunities to make long-term impacts.

> PROGRAMMES: Let’s Go Ghana, Let’s Go South Africa, Let’s Go Tanzania, Let’s Go Zanzibar, Let’s Go UgandaLet’s Go Mozambique, Let’s Go Swaziland, Let’s Go Lesotho & Let’s Go Botswana <
The internship and volunteer programmes will contribute to foster exchange and community engagement between people, especially youth, world-wide in order to enhance Africa’s building capacities and capabilities.

Let’s Go Africa offers unique travel service packages based on personal travel experiences of the programme managers.

For more information about Let’s Go Africa or our programmes please contact us!